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STAMOX® pigeons – speed and stamina

Are you looking for a way to get your pigeons home faster? Then read on …

Pigeons fly faster and further with a new, revolutionary product

For the first time in history

StamoxVet is a true quality product. It is the first pigeon sport product in history to become world through the laboratory law accredited by the committee committee.

StamoxVet has been designed to be absolutely safe and safety-oriented, classified as a drug or doping.

Let your pigeons “upgrade”

it improves condition!

Can increase their speed by 2-3 km

increase their stamina up to 15%

Increase use of oxygen in their blood cells

increase the blood supply and circulation to all organs

increase their attention and mental vigilance

increase  willingness to train

Advantage of Stamox for your birds .

Stamox has been used in Human sports including bodybuilding, skiing and aslo in animals like  horse racing, and greyhound Racing with positive results.

Stamox has been successful tested by pigeons fanciers in Germany Netherlands, Belgium, Uk, Poland , and many other countries around the world including China, and Australia ,

The use of Stamox on racing pigeons

During the trip: add 1 teaspoon of StamoxVet to 1 liter of drinking water 2 days a week, or 2 hours before each training flight and on the return day.
 Before the flight season: three weeks before racing, 1 to 2 days a week, add 1 teaspoon of StamoxVet to 2 liters of drinking water.

To build up condition: give 1 teaspoon of StamoxVet per liter of drinking water on Mondays and Tuesdays

StamoxVet is a patented manufacturing method ensures the preservation of the valuable micronutrients. Stamox is a 100% natural food additive without any artificial additives or chemical changes.

“Scientists believe that the Stamox gives extra energy production (in mitochondria) and muscle function more efficient. Evidence for supporting these effects suggests several responsible mechanisms, including increased mitochondrial formation (mitochondrial biogenesis), improved ATP formation under reduced oxygen consumption, improved efficiency of mitochondrial respiration and connection with the improved metabolic efficiency of muscle contraction. ”

It is crucial for achieving good results. StamoxVet is  optimized with regard to the essential nutrient values ​​in order to give the birds best possible advantage

StamoxVet  is NOT l doping, Stamox is safe and legal, the product has been analyzed by the Olympic Anti Doping Laboratory in Cambridge, That confirm that Stamox is safe and legal.


Beetroot root extract (botanical source Beta Vulgaris, part used: root)

Preservative: sodium benzoate & sodium propionate, stabilizer: ascorbic acid,

Average nutritional values ​​per 100g: Natural vegetable sugar 82g, sodium 1.0g, potassium 0.6g

Ingredients: Crude protein: 6.7 Crude fat: 0.4, Carbohydrates: 82 Crude ash: 2, No added nutrients.


Dr Nils the founder of Stamox received his PhD in 1990 from the Veterinary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht, Holland and has worked as a practicing veterinarian in Norway, Sweden and New Zealand.

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