Backs Cod Liver Oil Grit 5 Kg


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Backs Cod Liver Oil Grit 5 Kg

Mineral feed for pigeons
Backs winning grit contains all important minerals and trace elements. This makes it ideal for mineral feeding your pigeons. 70 different trace elements make Backs Siegergrit particularly valuable. Winner grit with cod liver oil.
Composition: carbonate algae lime, calcium carbonate, mussel shells, quartz stones
Analytical components: 31.3% calcium / 0.27% sodium / 0.03% phosphorus / 0.00% lysine / 0.00% methionine
Application note: Backs winner grit should be given to the pigeons for free intake in separate food bowls. It is advisable to refill the grit fresh every day.
Note: We put the contents in a bag, if you want to send it in a bucket, this is at your own risk. In this case, damage will not be replaced.
Manufacturer no .: DE-NI-2-00024
Weight 6,5 kg
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