Backs experts mix 5kg


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Backs experts mix 5kg

Mineral feed for carrier pigeons and breeding pigeons

Backs expert mix is ​​the result of years of experience in the mineral supply of pigeons!

The mixture is characterized by an ideal grain suitable for pigeons and contains all minerals and trace elements that are vital for pigeons.

Backs expert mix prevents feeding-related deficiency symptoms, creates a solid bone structure and a silky, dense plumage.

Content of ingredients:

  • 20.0% calcium
  • 2.5% phosphorus
  • 1.4% sodium

Content of additives per 1000 g:

113 mg copper as copper (II) sulfate, pentahydrate

Application note / feeding note:

Backs expert mix should be given to the pigeons for free intake in separate food bowls. It is advisable to refill the mix of experts daily.

Net weight: 5 kg

We put the contents in a bag, if you want to send it in a bucket, this is at your own risk. In this case, damage will not be replaced.

Manufacturer No .: DE-NI-2-00024
Weight 6 kg
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