Backs pigeon tea 1000ml


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Backs pigeon tea 1000ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

Backs liquid tea is a herbal mixture consisting of 20 different herbs, leaves, roots and flowers. Using a special process, the active ingredients are gently released from the tea mixture and fully unfolded. Backs liquid tea should put the pigeons in top shape in no time. It is supposed to stimulate the down mouse and the metabolism.



Additives per kg:

Flavorings whose addition to animal feed improves their smell or palatability: 10000 mg

Instructions for use:

Add 20 ml of liquid tea to 1 liter of water once a day or for 25 pigeons via the feed.

For breeding and travel preparation we recommend a 5-day feeding before mating or before the pre-tours. During the trip 1 x per week after the flight into the drinking trough, during the moulting 2 x per week.

Special instructions:

Store tightly closed and protected from light. Shake before use.

Net volume: 1000 ml

Manufacturer No .: DE-NI-2-00024
Weight 1,3 kg

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