Backs Siegergrit 10 kg


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Backs Siegergrit 10 kg

Mineral feed (supplementary feed) for pigeons

Hereby you secure your animals the entire richness of the trace elements of the sea. Trace elements are essential for the pigeon’s metabolism. Mineral iodine-iron-manganese-sulfur compounds are the best known from a spectrum of approx. 70 different trace elements in the Backs winning grit!

By the way: Backs Siegergrit contains more than 40% sea layers.

Instructions for correct use: Backs Sieger-Grit should be given to the pigeons for free intake in separate feeding bowls. It is advisable to refill the grit fresh every day.

Composition: carbonate algae lime, calcium carbonate, mussel shells, quartz stones

Analytical components: 31.3% calcium, 0.27% sodium, 0.03% phosphorus, 0.00% lysine, 0.00% methionine, 17.0% HCl-insoluble ash

Storage advice: Store dry!

Manufacturer no .: DE-NI-2-00024
Weight 12 kg
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