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Backsi-Gen (liquid beer yeast) 500ml


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Backsi-Gen (liquid beer yeast) 500ml

Liquid supplementary feed for pigeons

Backsi-Gen contains all the essential amino acids for building muscles and plumage, as well as the vitamins of the B group and enzymes, which are essential for the conversion of fats and carbohydrates in the body. Backsi-Gen also contains vitamins E and C to support the immune system. This composition makes Backsi-Gen a real year-round product that should not be missing at any stroke during breeding, rearing, travel and moulting.


5.75% crude protein
1.10% crude ash
0.08% sodium
0.00% methionine

Additives per 1000 g:

10000 mg 3.1.1. DL-methionine, technically pure
10.00 mg of iron (E1) as iron (II) chloride, tetrahydrate
0.25 mg selenium (E8) as sodium selenate

Instructions for use: Backsi-Gen should be administered twice a week during preparation for breeding, rearing, with young pigeons and during moulting. During the trip, depending on the severity of the previous flight, 2-3 times a week.

Mix 5 ml for 20 pigeons over the feed and dry with VI-SPU-MIN or another powder.

Note: Store cool and protected from light!

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