Belgavet elderberry juice syrup BVP 2Liter


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Belgavet elderberry juice syrup BVP 2Liter

Complementary feed for pigeons, ornamental birds, Canaries, parrots, parakeets and poultry.


Pure elderberry juice syrup for perfect digestion.

Contains vitamin A + B1, potassium, amino acids.

Rich in niacin, this promotes digestion and relieves the stomach and bowel problems.

Ideal for problems with youngsters.

Instructions for use: 15ml per 1kg feed – dry with 10g Pro-Biolec BVP

Composition: 100% elderberry juice

Analytical components: crude protein 0.2%, crude fat 0%, crude ash 0.4%, crude fiber 0.4%, lysine 0%, methionine 0% sodium 0%, calcium 0%, water 32%

Store cool and dry.

Manufacturer No. BE6096
Weight 2,5 kg
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