Beyers Growth-Energy-Moulting Mix 4kg


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Beyers Growth-Energy-Moulting Mix 4kg

Complementary feed for pigeons

Complementary breeding and concentrate feed – multifunctional can be used in different seasons.

A balanced addition of nutrients for the grain mixture with the necessary additional proteins and fats.

Contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements that meet the daily needs of pigeons.

Seasonal needs can also be met by moistening them with one of our liquid nutritional supplements.

Pigeons are very happy to take in the product in addition to the daily feed mix.

Source of essential amino acids during moulting and to prepare an optimal condition for future breeding pairs and racing pigeons.

Ensures that liquid droppings are a thing of the past for boys in the nest and that the youngsters develop optimally.

Instructions for use:

  • 165 gr per 1 kg feed (or 5 gr / pigeon per day)
  • 330 gr per 1 kg feed (or 10 gr / pigeon per day during breeding with young pigeons)
  • maximum 50% of the daily ration

Winter / rest: 2 to 3 times a week together with the mixture.

During the travel season (> 300 km): after returning home with the first meals and as an additional dessert after the 3 to 4 meals before basketing.

During moulting: 2 to 3 times a week together with the moulting mixture, if necessary moistened with amine vita or energy oil.

During breeding: 2 to 3 times a week together with the breeding mixture, if necessary moistened with amine vita or energy oil.

Young pigeons (after weaning until the start of the racing season): daily together with the feed mixture.


Bakery products, white sorghum ‘Dari white’, wheat white, wheat, sugar, soybean oil, corn gluten feed, cardi, maize, white clover seed, carrot seeds, sweet peas, yeast, radish seeds, sorghum, Katjang Idjoe, lentils, corn glue, soy protein concentrate, dextrose, palm oil, wheat gluten , yellow millet, onion seed, turnip, buckwheat, white millet, broken oat kernels, peeled sunflower seeds, red millet, milk thistle, buckwheat hulled, chia seeds, brown perilla seeds,

Analytical components:

Crude protein 17.4%, crude fat 14.9%, crude fiber 4.7%, crude ash 4.3%

Manufacturer: Beduco NV, Wasserijstraat 25 -B-2900 pods
Weight 5 kg
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