Beyers Reload 1000ml


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Beyers Reload 1000ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

Liquid solution with essential amino acids, electrolytes, minerals and trace elements.

Contains the essential amino acids for pigeons: lysine and methionine to support the effect of the proteins contained in the feed, as well as glutamine, which is central to the muscles and is considered a basic food source for the intestinal cells. Thanks to the addition of choline, the body’s waste products are excreted and the salt balance (potassium chloride, sodium chloride) and the minerals (calcium, magnesium) are replenished so that your pigeons can recover faster. Sodium selenite pentahydrate is a selenium supplier. Selenium is one of the essential trace elements in the feed and supports the metabolic function. Other trace elements in chelate form (zinc, copper) guarantee an optimal absorption of the nutrients from the feed. Slowly absorbed sugar (maltodextrin) and quickly absorbable sugar (dextrose) provide the animals with energy after their return.

Instructions for use:

  • 30 ml to 2 l drinking water.
  • All year round: twice a week.
  • During the travel season: the first two days after returning home.


Manufacturer: Beduco NV, Wasserijstraat 25 -B-2900 pods
Weight 1,2 kg

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