Bifs Oligofertil 500ml


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Restores the pigeon’s intestinal flora with regard to the balance of the basic acids.

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Bifs Oligofertil 500ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

Oligofertil is a drinkable mineral solution that provides the pigeons with calcium, phosphorus and oligo elements as well as essential amino acids.

The shape development of this solution has been specifically studied to restore the pigeon’s intestinal flora with regard to the balance of the basic acids.

Oligofertil makes it possible to avoid the mineral deficits and thus to prevent bone deviations in the body, on the feet the growth delays and the deficiencies in oligo elements in the embryo.

The administered oligo elements ensure the good functioning of the numerous glands and enzymes and thus ensure the resilience of the pigeons.

Instructions for use: We recommend an initial cure with a dose of one tablespoon (15ml) per liter of water over a period of 5 days.

Continuous continuation is then guaranteed with a dose of one or two times a week with the same amount – one tablespoon per liter of drinking water.

It is particularly important to give oligofertil during the nest hunt: because certain males are so eager that the females do not always have the opportunity to eat properly.

Dosage: 15 ml (1 tbsp) / l water: The absorption of oligofertil in drinking water guarantees good fertility and perfect growth of the young.

Analytical components: crude protein: 0%; Crude fiber: 0%; Crude fat: <0.1%; Moisture: <98.1%; Crude ash: <1%; Lysine: 13 mg / l; Methionine: 0%; Sodium / sodium: 0 mg / l; Calcium: 2320 mg / l phosphorus: 2650 mg / l

Composition: calcium chloride, choline

Additives: E1 iron: 93 mg / l; E3 cobalt: 0.9 mg / l; E4 copper: 4.7 mg / l; E5 manganese: 85 mg / l; E6 zinc: 6.7 mg / L, choline 95 mg / L

Manufacturer: BIFS, Stodorp 41, 3620 Lanaken (Belgium)
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