Bifs Power Gamma 100g


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Increases the general immune system and promotes fertility in birds and females.

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Bifs Power Gamma 100g

Complementary feed for pigeons

Proven preparation made from high quality colostrum. Powergamma is a valuable animal protein and immunoglobulin supplier that supports the immune response. Inhibits and displaces harmful germs in the intestine. Increases the general immune system. Promotes fertility in birds and females.

Instructions for use: 10 g (2 teaspoons) / l water

Analytical components: crude protein: 73%; Crude fiber: 0%; Crude fat: 2.5%; Humidity: <1%; Crude ash: 0%; Lysine: 0%; Methionine: 0%; Sodium / sodium: 0.5%

Composition: lactose, sodium chloride

Manufacturer no. BE8003
Weight 0,2 kg
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