Bifs SB Special 500 ml


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To strengthen the natural balance of your pigeons.

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Bifs SB Special 500 ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

Stress and stressful situations such as travel, breeding, moulting, lead very quickly to changes in the natural balance and thus to the destruction of the intestinal flora. The disease-causing bacteria such as streptococci can then develop and we get “wrong-flyers”. Streptococcus gallolyticus is found in 80% of the pigeon shots. This bacterium causes the sudden death of the pigeons, joint inflammation, fly flies etc. It is responsible for symptoms comparable to paratyphosis. This is all the more serious because the antibiotics used to treat salmonellosis are ineffective against streptococci. The research we have carried out has allowed us to come up with “Special Sb”, which gives us the opportunity to avoid the problems associated with streptococci. The desired properties are based on the germ-inhibiting effects of SB special. All the more this wonderful product stimulates the defense of the organism and its regular use will save many colonies many disappointments.

Instructions for use: We recommend starting the sports season with a course of about 10 days. The dose should be 10ml per kg of grains. Then the same dose should be continued continuously with one to two days per week.

Dosage: 10 ml (2 tsp) / kg of feed

Analytical components: crude protein: 0%; Crude fiber: 0%; Crude fat: 0%; Crude ash: <1%; Lysine: 0%; Methionine: 0%; Sodium / sodium: <0.1%

Composition: propylene glycol (E1520), sodium chloride, food additives: aromatic compounds, essential oil of wild thyme: 950 mg / l

Manufacturer: BIFS, Strodorp 41, 3620 Lanaken (Belgium)
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