Bifs Vichol 500ml


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Promotes metabolism, activates digestion, helps liver function and is blood cleansing

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Bifs Vichol 500ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

Vichol contains a lot of carnithine, choline, methionine, sorbitol and Vit B12. Vichol is a balanced solution of amino acids and vitamins.

It stimulates the metabolism, activates digestion, helps liver function and is blood cleansing. Methionine and choline promote the elimination of harmful substances and fats from the liver. Sorbitol stimulates bowel function. The waste materials produced are more easily removed. This dietary supplement improves condition and increases resistance. Vichol stimulates the pigeons in sports competitions the availability of essential essential amino acids in the body enables the optimal building of muscles.

Instructions for use: 15 ml (1 tbsp) / kg feed

Analytical components: crude protein: 3.2%; Crude fiber: 0%; Crude fat: 0%; Humidity: 58%; Crude ash: 4.65%; Lysine: 0%; Methionine: 0.5%; Sodium / sodium: 0.15%

Composition: Magnesium sulfate, carnitine, HCl, plant extracts, sorbitol (E420), sodium chloride Food additives: Cholinecholirde: 77 g / ml; DL-methionine: 5 mg / ml

Manufacturer: BIFS Strodorp 41, 3620 Lanaken
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