Bifs Vior 1000ml


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Vior regulates the pH value and thereby also promotes the production of lactic acid bacteria. (natural probiotics).

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Bifs Vior 1000ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

As we saw earlier, a complete digestive system is important in resisting infection.

In fact, the intestines are an entry door for numerous bacteria such as the salmonella, the colibacillus and the streptococcus. Fortunately, certain products can facilitate this function of resistance.

For this reason, by the way, in industrial poultry farming, such products are used more and more instead of antibiotics and other growth factors, in particular to combat the problems of Salmonella.

For this purpose, many pigeon fanciers regularly give their pigeons apple cider vinegar, of which many of them know the virtues. It is true that apple cider vinegar is physiologically suitable for humans and plays a beneficial role in its cholesterol. But do our racing pigeons have cholesterol problems? Obviously not.

Vior, on the other hand, was specially developed for birds and carrier pigeons in particular. This product is the result of numerous experiences that were realized by our nutrition specialists.

Vior is a 100% natural plant-based product. The various plants have been grown from a mixture of weak acids, of which pH (acid) has been taken into account in the function of the pigeon’s digestive system in order to optimize it.

Vior regulates the pH value and thereby also promotes the production of lactic acid bacteria. (natural probiotics). These lactic acid bacteria form a natural balance in the intestine (intestinal flora). These lactic acid bacteria produce vitamins, nutrients and reduce pathogenic bacteria.

Vior actively supports the restoration of the natural intestinal flora. But Vior has many other advantages. It is a source of oligo elements and easily consumable minerals. Among them is a large percentage of iron. Vior has the advantage of administering iron in an organic form, i.e. easily assimilable.

Now the iron is very important for the athlete and the racing pigeon in particular. The active iron promotes blood formation, increases the number of red blood cells and thereby increases the oxygen concentration and the oxygen transport in the blood. Silica is one of the other assimilable metals; it forms an important part in Vior. The feathers of the pigeons also contain silica, so it is not surprising that the pigeons, which regularly take up Vior in drinking water, have a dazzling and soft plumage. This oiliness of the plumage makes the flight easier.

The regular administration of Vior is noticeable in the general condition of the pigeon: smooth breast skin without dandruff, shiny plumage, improved athletic performance.

At the moment of weaning the boys and during the first hours of training in society, the regular administration of Vior in drinking water severely limits the risks of adenovirosis. On the other hand, our experience has us.

Instructions for use: 5 ml (1 teaspoon) / l water

Analytical components: crude protein: 0.1%; Crude fiber: 0.5%; Crude fat: 0.2%; Humidity: 99.3%; Crude ash: 0.3%; Lysine: 0%; Methionine: 0%; Calcium: 524 mg / kg; Magnesium: 99 mg / kg; Sodium / sodium: 128 mg / kg; Sulfur: 77 mg / kg Food additives: formic acid (E236), propionic acid (E280), aromatic and appetite-promoting substances

Food supplements: formic acid (E236), propionic acid (E280), aromatic and appetite-enhancing substances

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