Calcanite CANSAFIX 400ml


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Insect spray for vermin control in dovecotes.

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Calcanite CANSAFIX 400ml

Insect spray for vermin control in dovecotes. Destroys quickly and safely: ticks, mites, featherlings, fleas, lice, mosquitoes and other vermin. With immediate effect and natural active ingredient.

CANSAFIX prevention: Your dovecote remains free of vermin for many weeks. CANSAFIX quickly and completely destroys ticks, mites, featherlings and insect pests of all kinds. CANSAFIX sprays with environmentally friendly propellant gas.

Active ingredients: 1.23 gr / 100 gr natural pyrethrum (25%), 1.53 gr / 100 gr piperonyl butoxide

Use biocides safely – always read the label and product information before use.

Manufacturer: Calcanit Pego, An der Loddenbüschen 93, 48155 Münster
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