cdVet DarmRein 250ml ColumbaVet


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cdVet DarmRein 250ml ColumbaVet

Liquid supplementary feed for pigeons

Product Information

COLUMBAVet DarmRein is a natural, liquid nutritional supplement for problem-free support of feed intake in case of indigestion and to support the natural intestinal flora. Indigestion, diarrhea and other intestinal problems are often the result of improper nutrition or an intact intestinal flora. COLUMBAVet DarmRein supplements feeding, with herbs and vegetable extracts, in a natural way to compensate for nutritional deficits.

COLUMBAVet DarmRein contains a high proportion of oregano, with its proven ingredients Carvacol and Thymol.

Expert tip: A functioning intestine is a prerequisite for health and performance. It therefore makes sense to support the intestine at appropriate intervals, especially before and after flights and when the environment changes. In addition, microorganisms such as coccidia, coli, salmonella, etc. often cause problems. A healthy bowel is also important in this context.

Ingredients: fruit vinegar, dextrose, lactose, elderberry juice, beetroot juice, fermented grain liquid, nettle extract, plantain extract, acerola

Analytical components and contents: crude fat 1.0%, crude ash <0.4%, crude protein <0.3%, crude fiber <0.5%, sodium <0.02%, moisture 91%, lysine <0.10%, Methionine <0.10%

Additives per kg: preservative: lactic acid E 270 8300mg; Sensory additives: Grapefruit seed extract 30000mg, oregano oil 16000mg, ginkgo tincture 4399mg, artichoke tincture 1826mg, thyme tincture 1660mg, anise tincture 1660mg, echinea tincture 830mg, St. John’s wort tincture 830mg

Instructions for use / feeding recommendation: add 1 – 3 ml per 1 liter of drinking water per day for at least 3 – 4 weeks or mix 5 – 10 ml with a cup of water and stir under 1 kg of feed, the mixing amount can be increased as required

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