Colombine All-In-One 10kg


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Vitamins, minerals and salts are essential for the optimal functioning of the metabolism.

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Colombine All-In-One 10kg

Complementary feed for pigeons

The complete mineral mix.

Versele All-in-One promotes health through a rich, yet balanced combination of natural ingredients.

Vitamins, minerals and salts are of crucial importance for the optimal functioning of the pigeon’s metabolism, since both are needed to support the muscles and the bone structure. This mixture also ensures a healthy look and a great feather dress. This complete mixture can be the solution, even if the nestlings have diarrhea.

Thanks to the included delicious “Sneaky Mix” seed mix and the egg food “Optimal-Start 25”, all-in-one is eaten very quickly and easily by the pigeons. The gastric pebble, grit and red stone mixture ensure better digestion, while the clay minerals bind pollutants.

Colombine All-in-One is exactly what the name promises: everything a pigeon needs during the breeding, moulting and travel time in addition to the grain mixture!

Tip: Combine Colombine All-in-One with the high-quality verse mixtures such as the Master or Plus I.C. assortment for optimal results!

Instructions for use: During the breeding period, one teaspoon daily in the pigeon’s cell. During the trip and moulting, all-in-one should be made freely available to the pigeons.

Ingredients: grit, red stone, oats, gastric pebbles, coral algae, egg biscuit, soy flour, breadcrumbs, red millet, silver millet, canary seeds, turnips, rapeseed, corn flour, hemp seeds, wheat, sugar, milocorn, salt, niger seeds, vegetable oil, peas, soy protein, beer hehe , Adzuki beans, elderberries, cranberries, calcium carbonate, linseed, carrots, mannan oligosaccharides, marigolds, sodium carbonate, lecithin and grape seeds.

Analytical components: calcium 13.50%, phosphorus 0.35%, sodium 0.30%, methionine 0.20%, lysine 0.25%

Manufacturer: Versele Laga, Kapellenstraat 70, 9800 Deinze, (BE)
Weight 12 kg
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