Colombine Neo-Grit 2.5kg


1,20  / kg

To ensure the optimal condition of racing pigeons.

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Colombine Neo-Grit 2.5kg

Versele Laga Colombine Neo-Grit is a feed additive to aid digestion in pigeons.


  • with grit and red stone
  • contains stomach stones and silex
  • Oyster shells and shells of marine animals
  • ensures better digestion
  • provides a constant calcium supply
  • prevents respiratory infections
  • prevents diarrhea
  • is washed and sterilized


Versele Laga Colombine Neo-Grit is particularly suitable:

  • for all pigeons
  • to ensure an optimal condition of racing pigeons

Instructions for use: Make them freely available. – Renew daily.

Ingredients: stomach stones, silex, oyster shell, shell of sea animals, red stone, anise.

Manufacturer: Versele Laga, Kapellenstraat 70, 9800 Deinze, (BE)
Weight 3 kg

2.5 kg

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