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Colombine picking stone red 24 x 600g


3,40  / kg

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Colombine picking stone red 24 x 600g

Complementary feed for pigeons

Colombine Pickstone Red is rich in minerals that come from various sources. It is the ideal product to keep your pigeons away from the field.

  • A cake with all the necessary trace elements, minerals & salts
  • Easy to use: a cake and pigeons like to eat it


Shell limestone, red stone, gastric pebble, sodium chloride, dicalcium phosphate

Analytical components:

Crude ash 94.5% (19.5% ashes insoluble in hydrochloric acid), calcium 26.50%, phosphorus 0.35%, sodium 1.80%, lysine 0%, methionine 0%

Additives / kg:

Nutritional physiological additives

E1 iron (ferric oxide) 1089 mg

Instructions for use:

Available in a small potty every day throughout the year, also for aviary pigeons.

Manufacturer: Versele-Laga nv; Kapellestraat 70, 9800 Deinze, Belgium
Weight 17 kg
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