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Comed Stopmite 300g


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To keep the dovecotes clean.

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Comed Stopmite 300g

Complementary feed for pigeons

offers 2 ways to keep dovecotes clean:

1) Stopmite essential oils mixed with food are excreted through the skin, respiratory tract and feces. This special smell of the animals, their droppings and the nesting area form a protective area against insects.

2) The clay in Stopmite absorbs and neutralizes ammonia from the feces. This makes the air of the blows less vulnerable and cleaner; Stopmite increases the wellbeing of the pigeons.

Instructions for use: 30g per kilo of feed for 2 weeks of rest: Give 15g per kg of feed, twice a week. After cleaning the dovecote, you can spread a layer of powder over the floor to keep the droppings dry.

Composition: glucose, lactose, calcium carbonate, citrus peel.

Analytical components: crude protein, crude fat 0.05%, crude cellulose 0.2%, crude ash, 44%, sodium 0% 0% methionine, lysine 0%

Manufacturer. Comed nv O.L. Vrouwstraat 2, B-3730 Hoeselt
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