DHP C 50 grains 10l


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C50 grains. . . .Is the result of several years of research.

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DHP C 50 grains 10l

Complementary feed for pigeons

C50 grains. . . Is the result of several years of research into deficiencies in pigeon nutrition that need to be corrected. These deficiencies arise. a. from the change and the quality of the feed, the purity of the grains and often after the use of medication.

The power, performance and health grain contains more than 50 essential natural nutrients and herbs, including oregano. C50 grains are a complete supplement to all the important missing raw materials that pigeons urgently need all year round. With C50 grains you complete the simplest basic mixture.

Instructions for use: It is a supplementary power, health and performance grain, specially developed for the demands of today’s racing pigeons. C 50 can be administered all year round. It contains more than 50 natural nutrients and herbs, making C 50 an ideal complete supplement to supplement any food omissions or to prevent them.

To get used to it: Accustom your pigeons to C 50 over a period of 3-4 days by distributing 1.25 l on a 20 kg basis of pigeon feed.

After getting used to it: You can mix 2.5 l under 20 kg of basic pigeon feed of any brand. To achieve an even better result: Increase C 50 power, health and performance grain during breeding and flight times to a total of 5 l on 20 kg of basic feed.

Dosage: alternatively it is possible to give 10% C 50 grain for each feeding to the weight of the respective feeding amount

Ingredients: sugar-containing corn, barley, alfalfa, yeast cultures, milk yeast products, oregano, roasted and peeled soybeans. Soybean oil, glucose, biotin, vitamins AD 3 and E, vitamin E 200.00 IU, vitamin A 18800.00 IU, vitamin D3 3440.00 IU, methionine, mineral mixture, herbs, oregano

Analytical components: raw protein 157.0g, raw fat 36.0 g, raw pulp 30.02 g, moisture 134.00 g, calcium 6.5g, digestible phosphorus 5.00g, raw ash 4.0 g, lysine 6.14g, magnesium 1.28 g, potassium 6.5 g, copper 17.06 mg, linoleic acid 15.89 g, methionine 5.55g, antioxidants 16.00 mg

Manufacturer no .: NL500022
Weight 12 kg
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