DHP Energy Power Mix 10 liters


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Ensures optimal condition and the necessary fat reserves for the races.

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DHP Energy Power Mix 10 liters

Complementary feed for pigeons

Concentrated feed and rearing feed for pigeons.

Super concentrate and breeding feed, which ensures the pigeons are in optimum condition, supplies reserves and allows young pigeons to grow up super. No more wet spots around the breast cups and beautiful full boys in the cup are the success of Energy Power Mix. If you feed Energy Powermix in the preparation time of the flights, you will find that the pigeons eat better, become fuller and create more fat reserves. Energy Power Mix improves appetite, condition, vitality, endurance and fertility.

Instructions for use: 1 tablespoon per day and per pair of pigeons. Feed per pigeon daily (2x ladle) and / or place a potty with Energy Powermix on the pigeon every day.

Composition: cereals, soybeans, minerals, baked products, roots, raw pulp, raw fat, oily seeds, dextrose, egg products, Vit.A, D3, E, C.

Manufacturer: DHP Cultura Wagenmakerstraat 26, NL-1991 JA-Velserbroek
Weight 12 kg
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