DHP Jonge Duivenmix 10kg


2,20  / kg

A rearing concentrate consisting of minerals, herbs, milk yeast, seeds, various types of silica and acids.

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DHP Jonge Duivenmix 10kg

Complementary feed for pigeons

Young duive mix. . . . The best for the first year.

The composition of raw materials is particularly suitable for young pigeons in their first year of life.

This mineral mix is ​​important for the correct development of the skeletal structure and muscles.

Instructions for use: Daily after feeding about 100g for 15 pigeons.

Ingredients: Spicy, gastric pebbles, carbonated lime, anise, carbonated sea shells, (sea mussels, oyster shells), algae lime, rustein, silex, weed seeds, algae, garlic.

Supplements / kg / Technological supplements: Zintronic acid (E330) 0.2k / kg lactic acid (E270) 0.5g / kg.

Dietary supplements / trace elements: 64.39 mg iron (E1) 35 mg manganese (E5) 5 mg copper (E4) 0.5 mg iodine (E2) 0.1 mg selenium (E8)

Vitamins, provitamins: 55,000 IU Vit A (E672) 4,500 IU Vit D3 (E671) 300mg Vit E 300mg VitC

Analytical components: raw protein 8%, raw fat 4.2%, raw pulp 6%, raw ash 76%, moisture 1.6% 22.8% calcium 1.14% phosphorus 0.9% magnesium.

Manufacturer: DHP Cultura, Wagenmakerstraat 26, NL-1991 JA Velserbroek
Weight 10,5 kg
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