Eurital Bronchoherbal 270g – Bronchial herbs for clean airways


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Eurital Bronchoherbal 270g – Bronchial herbs for clean airways

Complementary feed for pigeons

The herbal mixture specially tailored to the airways is purely natural and supports the well-being of your animal. With free breathing, nothing stands in the way of an increase in physical performance. It is recommended to use it after heavy flights or long stance in closed beats, because respiratory infections are one of the most common diseases of the pigeon during the journey.


Composition: 20% chamomile, 15% anise, 15% peppermint leaves, 10% thyme, 10% sage, 10% yarrow, 10% sweet fennel, 10% Icelandic moss


Analytical components & contents:

Crude fiber 13.0%, crude ash 12.9%, crude protein 12.5%, crude fat 4.5%


Feeding recommendation:

1 teaspoon per 1kg of feed (best slightly moistened with Care Oil from Dovita Vital)

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