Herbots Superflight 50 capsules


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Exhausted pigeons recover in no time.

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Herbots Superflight 50 capsules

Complementary feed for pigeons

SUPER FLIGHT was specially developed for Taiwan, where the same pigeons go on a flight every 3 days. Fast recovery and condition are very important. Completely exhausted pigeons will recover in no time.

POWERFUL and easy to use !!!

Instructions for use: 1 capsule per pigeon: 1 day before basketing and after arrival at home

Composition: Vitamin A – D3 – E – C – B1 – HCL – B2 – B6 – B12 Nicotinamide – Co – Panthotenate – Folium – Sodium – Choline – Lysine – Soybean – Lecithin – Carnitine – Glutamine – Magnesium Chloride – Iron Sulphate H20 – Copper – Zinc – cobalt.

Analytical components: trace elements per kg: iron fumarate iron (E1) 4180mg, copper sulfate copper (E4) 687.5mg, zinc sulfate zinc (E6) 5500g, vitamins per kg: Vit. A (E672) 1.900.00UI, Vit. D (E671 ) 275,000 UI, Vit. E (3a700) 11,000mg, Vit. B1 1,300mg, Vit. B2 1,300mg, niacinamide (3a315) 11,000mg, Pantoheenzuuracid 800mg, Vit. B6 (3a831) 1,300mg, folic acid (3a316) 80mg, Vit. B12 270mg, Vit. C (e300) 11,000mg, carnitine 5,500mg, crude protein 22%, crude fat 0%, crude ash 19%, Natirum 0%, lysine 1%, methionine 0.1%

Manufacturer: Herbots Animal Products bvba, Dungelstraat 37, 3440 Halle-Booienhoven (B)
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