Hesanol acithol slimy sand 50g


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Acithol slimy sand frees your pigeon from annoying head mucus.

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Hesanol acithol slimy sand 50g

-Special care especially for carrier pigeons-

Granules for the nose for cleaning.

Acithol cleanses the nose and promotes the secretion of stuck mucus.

As has been known for a long time, racing pigeons can only orientate themselves properly during racing and fly top prices if the airways are clear. Acithol cleans the noses and can thus create clean and plaque-free airways.

Stuck mucus, deposits and dust in the upper sinus area are liquefied and can be removed with a cotton swab. Most of the time, the pigeon also processes this by swallowing or throwing out the mucus.


Recommended use:

Place 1 knife tip on the upper throat slit or 1 teaspoon in 2 liters of water.

  • For racing pigeons:
  • 2 weeks before the first free flight
  • 6 days before the start of the trip
  • 4 days before important flights
  • Repeat every 2-3 weeks.
  • For breeding pigeons: 2-3 weeks before mating
  • For youngsters: only from the age of 10 weeks


Shake vigorously before use.

Net volume: 50g


Manufacturer: Hesanol-Biio-Pharma, Zu den Kauten 5-7, 35075 Gladenbach
Weight 0,15 kg
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