Hesanol JODKRAFT 100ml


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To increase performance – more speed – more health – more strength and shape.

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Hesanol JODKRAFT 100ml

Liquid feed supplement for racing pigeons

Solution for feeding in the drinking water for racing pigeons. To increase performance – more speed – more health – more strength and shape, for drinking water disinfection. JODKRAFT has a positive impact on performance and increases endurance. JODKRAFT has a positive effect on thyroid function. High-fat grains during the trip and moulting increase the iodine requirement considerably, which is why your pigeons need iodine power. JODKRAFT contains a lot of active iron, which is easily soluble and quickly gets into the blood. This promotes the formation of red blood cells.

Instructions for use: During the trip, administer 2ml per 1L of drinking water or 1kg of feed 2-3 times a week. During breeding, moulting and winter time, administer 2 ml per 1 liter of drinking water or 1 kg of feed once a week. Please use the added dosing device.

Composition: minerals, sugar.

Ingredients: crude fat 0.0%, crude fiber 0.0%, crude ash 0.0%, crude protein 0.0%

Additives per kg: iron as iron III chloride 1,500mg, iodine (I) as potassium iodide 1,500mg, manganese as manganese chloride 4H2O 100mg, zinc as zinc acetate 2H2O 90mg, copper as copper acetate monohydrate 50mg, cobalt as cobalt chloride hexahydrate 30mg, selenium as sodium selenite anhydrous 10mg

Manufacturer: Hesanol-Bio-Pharma, Zu den Kauten 5-7, 35075 Gladenbach
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100 ml

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