Hesanol – throat sand 100ml liquid – degumming drops


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Hesanol – throat sand 100ml liquid – degumming drops

Glue drops for racing pigeons – drops to drip into the nose

shows fantastic effect:

  • Top prices at all distances
  • Improved breeding yield
  • TOP shape for exhibitions


  • frees your pigeons from annoying head mucus
  • creates clean, plaque-free airways
  • achieves optimal oxygen absorption
  • All with a product that you can administer yourself. It saves costs. Try it. You will be amazed at how much mucus your pigeons secrete shortly after the administration of throat sand.
  • Your pigeons will thank you with top performances.
  • For you, too, throat sand is the product with the optimal effect – absolute top – unsurpassed.


Successful breeders know: pigeons with big heads don’t win top prices. Almost every third pigeon is mucilaginous. The pigeon dust settles in the airways. You don’t believe it, but it is so. GOLDEN SAND takes out the dirt. If the airways are clear, the pigeon’s oxygen can be used to the fullest, it becomes more joyful to fly, trains voluntarily and rewards you with top performance.


Application note:

After the trip, in the winter months, 14 days before mating, 1 week before the start of the trip and 4 days before important flights

Here’s how it’s done (two are better):

  • Drip 1-2 drops of KEHLSAND liquid on one nostril – no massaging. The pigeon then inhales it.

Then put the pigeon in the basket or cell for 10-15 minutes. Take the pigeon back in your hand and press the nipples together with your fingers. Now use cotton swabs to get the mucus out of your nose and throat.

This treatment is repeated every 3 to 4 weeks during the travel period. During this time, free airways are extremely important to achieve top prices. You will be amazed how far ahead you will find your pigeons in the price lists.

Composition: 100g contain: 1.7g aluminum ion, 4.0g sulfur from sulfate ion, 2.5g potassium ion

Analytical components: Store at room temperature. Do not use on animals that are used to produce food. Administer soberly. Keep out of the reach of children.


Manufacturer: Hesanol-Bio-Pharma, Zu den Kauten 5-7, 35075 Gladenbach
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100 ml

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