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Kasper Faunafood P40 pigeon concentrate 4kg


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It is the ideal concentrate, with which you can avoid all nutritional deficiencies, big and small, in pigeons.

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Kasper Faunafood P40 pigeon concentrate 4kg

Complementary feed for pigeons

The complementary Kasper Faunafood P40 pigeon concentrate is a performance feed that contains over 40 essential natural nutrients. It is the ideal concentrate, with which you can avoid all nutritional deficiencies, big and small, in pigeons.

P40 pigeon concentrate is the result of many years of intensive research. Within just a few weeks of feeding, you can see the following improvements:

  • a significant increase in vitality
  • strengthening muscle strength and endurance
  • an increase in resistance to infectious diseases

The pigeons have:

  • top condition in a wide variety of conditions
  • a significant increase in fertility
  • promoting successful growth
  • a more beautiful color and plumage
  • a full development of all heritage traits


For many pigeon fanciers, Kasper Faunafood P40 pigeon concentrate is a wonder food, but it can in no way replace good care. You will be amazed at what a justifiable application of modern nutritional science can achieve in addition to good care for your pigeons!

Instructions for use:

• Gradually replace (one week to 10 days is sufficient in most cases) 1/4 to 1/3 of your normal pigeon compound feed with P40 pigeon concentrate.

• Fresh drinking water and grit are always present

• Feed P40 pigeon feed all year round, but give a little more if you think your pigeons may need it, for example

  • a few days before mating
  • in rearing
  • in the moult
  • before and after a long trip


• Since P40 pigeon concentrate with its extensive composition is an ideal supplement, you can feed a simple basic mixture of healthy grains, beans and / or peas. If you mix 2 to 3 parts with 1 part P40 pigeon concentrate, you will get excellent results.

• Young pigeons grow faster thanks to the P40 pigeon feed and often have to be ringed a few days earlier.

• The addition of vitamin preparations is superfluous.

P40 pigeon concentrate is particularly suitable for larger efforts.

Ingredients: corn, wheat, soybean meal, corn gluten protein (approx. 60% raw protein), chalk, brewer’s yeast, glucose, alfalfa, grass flour, anise flavoring, barley, soybean oil, oats, whey powder, salt, monocalcium phosphate, soy husks, magnesium oxide, molasses, oat husk bran

Analytical components: crude protein 15.5%, crude fat 2.6%, raw cellulose 2.0%, minerals 4.0%, lysine 0.6%, calcium 0.6%, phosphorus 0.5%, Potassium 0.6%, sodium 0.09%, nutritional additives per kg: vitamins A 18,800 IU, vitamins E 100 IU, vitamins D3 3,000 IU, copper 12.0 mg, iron 62mg, iodine 0.5mg, cobalt 0.1mg, Manganese 46mg, zinc 58mg, selenium 0.2mg

Manufacturer: Kasper Faunafood, een merk van, Arie Blok, Posbus 30, 3440 AA Woerden
Weight 5 kg
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