Klaus Picobal Mineral for 5kg poultry


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Picobal Mineral for 5kg poultry

Picobal® Poultry Mineral is a special mixture of coral algae and mussel shells, valuable calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus compounds, as well as the most important trace elements. Picobal Poultry Mineral was developed in collaboration with Wilfried Detering, a leading global breeder of the dwarf Plymouth Rocks and mod. Engl. Dwarf fighters developed.

The minerals contained in Picobal:

  • serve for better feather formation and bone building
  • have a preventive effect against deficiency symptoms
  • prevent the laying of wind eggs caused by calcium deficiency
  • promote chick growth (from week 10)
  • have a preventive effect against feather formation in young animals
  • are important for the mineral supply throughout the year

Instructions for use: Picobal is given to the pigeons in a separate container (e.g. grit box) when they are dry.

Due to the increased content of trace elements, this feed may only be fed up to 5% of the total ration.

Composition: calcium carbonate, quartz semolina, carbonate algae lime, dicalcium phosphate, calcium sodium phosphate, calcium magnesium carbonate, sodium chloride, cellulose heat-treated.

Ingredients: hydrochloric acid insoluble ash 35% calcium (ca): 26% sodium (NA): 0.5% phosphorus (P) 0.4%.

Manufacturer: Klaus Grittsteinwerk GmbH & Co.KG, Buchenstr. 7, 32257 Bunde
Weight 6 kg
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