Klaus Tricom-Moult Aid liquid 1000ml


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With regular feeding, growth-related plumage errors are reduced.

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Klaus Tricom-Moult Aid liquid 1000ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

Tricom® Mauserhilfe (liquid) is effective and economical in its excellent composition. Tricom Mauserhilfe (liquid) can be administered via drinking water or feed. With regular feeding, growth-related plumage errors are reduced. Tricom Mauserhilfe liquid contains a high proportion of methionine, lysine, available calcium and numerous vitamins. A proper plumage is the prerequisite for excellent flight performance in the coming seasons

Instructions for use: During the entire moult, 20 ml (approx. 2 tablespoons) daily in 2 l drinking water or bound to 1 kg feed for approx. 40 pigeons! Important: The drinking water has to be changed every 12 hours and the potions have to be cleaned thoroughly! Due to the higher vitamin content compared to complete feed, this supplementary feed may only be used up to 10%. the daily ration are fed to homing pigeons.

Composition: calcium chloride, sodium chloride

Ingredients: water: 82%, crude protein: 4%, crude fiber: <0.3%, crude fat: <0.3%, crude ash: 12.8%, lysine: 2.8%, methionine: 1.8%, calcium : 4%, sodium: 0.2%,

Additives per 1000 ml: vitamins, provitamins u. chemically defined substances with a similar effect: vitamin A (E 672) 100000 iE, vitamin D as (E671) D3 4000 iE vitamin E 40 mg, vitamin K3 24 mg, vitamin B 1 40 mg, vitamin B2 100 mg, vitamin B6 40 mg , Vitamin B12 500 mcg, nicotinamide 400 mg

Preservative: citric acid (E 330), potassium sorbate (E202)

Manufacturer: Klaus Gritsteinwerk GmbH & Co. KG, Buchenstraße 7, 32257 Bünde
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