Klaus Vitamultin MB 500ml


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ideal for breeding and travel

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Klaus Vitamultin MB 500ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

Liquid multivitamin for racing pigeons. Is ideal for breeding and travel. We recommend constant, moderate use throughout the year. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D3, E, K3, nicotinamide, choline

Instructions for use: 5 ml per 1 liter is sufficient as a daily requirement. Water for 20 pigeons. Alternatively, 10 ml twice a week on 1 liter. Water. We recommend Vitamultin especially during the breeding, moulting and exhibition periods and after long flights.

This feed may be used because of the increased vitamin A u content compared to complete feed. D-3 can only be fed up to 1% of the daily ration.

Ingredients: sodium chloride, calcium chloride, water: 98% crude protein: 0.6% crude fiber: 0.1% crude fat: 0.8% crude ash: 0.1% calcium: 0.2% sodium: 0.2%

Content of additives per 1000 ml: Nutritional additives: Vit. A (E672), 900 000 i.E. Vit. D-3 (E671) 40,000 iE, Vitamin E 400 mg, Vitamin B-1 400 mg Vitamin B-2 1000 mg, Vitamin B-6 400 mg Vit. B-12 5,000 mcg, Vitamin K-3, Menadione 248 mg nicotinamide 4,000 mg, choline chloride 360 ​​mg

Keep the bottle protected from light, cool and closed.

Manufacturer: Klaus Gritsteinwerk GmbH & Co. KG, Buchenstraße 7, 32257 Bünd
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