Natural Electrolit 240 g (12 x 20g)


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During great efforts, it is important to administer Electrolyte.

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Natural Electrolit 240 g (12 x 20g)

Complementary feed for pigeons and ornamental birds

During great efforts, the metabolism produces an increased amount of waste. Degradation and excretion of waste materials such as uric acid, lactic acid and carbonic acid are an additional burden for the animal. During a special effort, there is also a significant loss of body fluid. For this reason, it is important to administer Electrolyte. The water balance is restored, the electrolyte supply is replenished and the acid-base balance is quickly restored. At the same time, the glucose contained in NATURAL ELECTROLIT provides an immediate supply of energy, so that the recovery time is shortened. Certain diseases cause watery feces and, as a result, significant loss of minerals and body fluids. In these cases, NATURAL ELECTROLIT prevents dehydration and accelerates healing.

Instructions for use: With increased efforts such as on races it is advisable to offer NATURAL ELECTROLIT in drinking water when you return from a flight and to leave it until evening feeding. On long-haul flights, the pigeons are often on the move for a long time. It is very important that sufficient reserves of electrolytes (body salts) are built up here. Therefore NATURAL ELECTRLOYT should be added on the day of use.

Analytical components: crude protein 0.02%, crude fat 0.05%, raw cellulose 0.02%, crude ash 12.26%, lysina 0%, methionine 0%, sodio 5%

Composition: dextrose, corn starch, sodium chloride

Manufacturer: NATURAL GRANEN Gebr. De Scheemaecker n.v., Metropoolstraat 28-29, B- 2900 Schoten
Weight 0,350 kg
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