Natural performance 20 – 4kg


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Natural performance 20 – 4kg

Complementary feed for pigeons

Concentrated feed for pigeons

Natural Performance 20 is a unique performance pellet that contains a multiple of essential, natural nutrients and has been enriched with anise concentrate for good absorption. This concentrate was specially developed for the balance of vitamins, minerals and trace elements of pigeons. The ideal protein-fat ratio offers the necessary “extra” for breeding, moulting, performance and relaxation all year round. Natural Performance 20 is ideal for periods with high performance demands.

  • 20% protein content
  • GMO free
  • Excellent reception thanks to added anise
  • Enriched with vitamin C and L-carnitine
  • 4 mm pellet

Instructions for use:

  • Replace a quarter to a third of normal mixed pigeon feed with Natural Performance 20 for 7 to 10 days.
  • Feed Natural Performance 20 throughout the year. If you have the impression that your pigeons need more – e.g. B. a few days before mating, breeding, moulting, before and after big flights – give more food.
  • Young pigeons grow faster with Natural Performance 20 and often have to be ringed a few days earlier.

Ingredients: corn, wheat, soybean extraction meal, corn gluten, calcium carbonate, monocalcium phosphate, dextrose, sodium chloride, brewer’s yeast.

Nutritional additives per kg: Vitamin A 20000 IU, Vitamin D3 3000 IU, Vitamin E 100 IU, Vitamin C 150mg, L-carnitine 25mg, Vitamin K3 2mg, Vitamin B1 10mg, Vitamin B2 10mg, Calcium-D-Panthenate 17mg, Vitamin B6 10mg, niacinamide 29mg, vitamin B12 0.084g, folic acid 4mg, biotin 0.2g, choline chloride 140mg, copper 12mg, iron 62mg, manganese 46mg, zinc 59mg, iodine 0.5mg, selenium 0.2mg

Analytical components: crude protein 20.0%, crude fat 2.5%, raw cellulose 2.5%, crude ash 4.5%, calcium 0.6%, phosphorus 0.5%, lysine 0.9%, methionine 0.4% , Sodium 0.09%.

Manufacturer: NATURAL GRANEN Gebr. De Scheemaecker n.v., Metropoolstraat 28-29, B- 2900 Schoten
Weight 5 kg
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