Natural tea 300 g


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natural aid to get the pigeons in shape and to increase the shape during the travel season

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Natural tea 300 g

Complementary feed for pigeons

Numerous experiments allow us to say with certainty that natural tea is a valuable, natural aid to get the pigeons in shape and to increase the shape during the travel season. Natural tea also speeds up regeneration after a strenuous flight.

Instructions for use: Pour 1 liter of water over a lightly heaping tablespoon of tea, if possible in a porcelain or ceramic jar, leave covered for 10 minutes. Then strain, let cool and give to the pigeons.

  • Before the travel season: To make it easier to get in shape, we recommend giving the pigeons natural tea for 8 to 10 days before the first flight. You will find that after this treatment the plumage has softened and that the pigeon swells but becomes lighter, a sign of optimal circulation and shape.
  • During the travel season: After returning home, natural tea should be available in the potions until after the evening meal. If the pigeons have flown for many hours in hot weather, we recommend mixing the tea with Natural Electrolit to compensate for the loss of minerals. Natural tea can also be given on the day after returning home if blood purification seems desirable for the organism.
  • During the great moult The great moult is a natural process, but it requires a considerable amount of energy from the organism. A good physical condition is of the utmost importance for the optimal course of the moulting. The administration of natural tea during the large moulting period 1 to 2 days a week influences the renewal of the plumage extremely favorably.

Composition: Hypericum Perforatum – Bsinthii Herba- Rubi Fructicosi Folium- Lamium Album – Althaea Officinalis – Corylos Folium – Millefolium Herba – Plantago Lanceolata – Solidago Gigantea – Thymus Bulgaris Herba – Urtica Urens – Graminis Rhizon, Sarsaparilla Officinalis – Salinal – Carinalis – Calendula – Calendula

Analytical components per 100ml: crude protein 0.5g, raw materials 0g, raw cellulose 0g, crude ash 0.15g, methionine 0.11g, soda 0.02g

Manufacturer: NATURAL GRANEN Gebr. De Scheemaecker n.v., Metropoolstraat 28-29, B- 2900 Schoten
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