Nebel multi-energy oil 500ml


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with high quality oils and lecithin

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Nebel multi-energy oil 500ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

Nebel multi-energy oil 500ml with high quality oils and lecithin. Contain Mega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids! Powerful energy boost for super condition and optimal muscle building!

Instructions for use: You can promote the shape, energy balance and muscle building of your team if you mix a tablespoon of Mutli energy oil in 500g of feed. Then dry the moist food with three heaped teaspoons of Dynamics and a teaspoon of Vital Herbs. If required, both dynamics and multi-energy oil can be easily combined with other products. If you give Multi Energy Oil, Dynamics and Herbs Vital on the last 2 days before use, you will be happy to see which bomb shape your team will reach at the weekend.

Breeding period, young pigeons and moulting: It is recommended to give the breeding and young animals twice a week multi energy oil, dynamism and herbal vitality. Highly concentrated vitamins and active ingredients compensate for nutritional deficiencies. You get the best fertilization results and your youngsters thrive splendidly. In the fall, your animals will flawlessly feast and get a silky plumage.

Composition: 15% salmon oil 15% lecithin 10% corn oil 10% rice germ oil 10% peanut oil 10% hemp oil 10% wheat germ oil 10% soybean oil 5% black cumin oil 5% borage oil

Additives in mg / kg: lecithin 100,000 mg

Content of ingredients: crude fat 99.4%, crude protein 0%, crude fiber 0%, crude ash 0%

Manufacturer: Champion active ingredients, Schwalbenstr. 23, 63785 Obernburg
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