Oropharma Ferti-Oil 250ml


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Wheat germ oil, enriched with vitamins A, D3 and E

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Oropharma Ferti-Oil 250ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

Wheat germ oil, enriched with vitamins A, D3 and E (fertility vitamin). This reduces the risk of unfertilized eggs, promotes simultaneous and rapid laying and stimulates the reproductive instinct in widowers. Wheat germ oil is the richest in vitamin E. In addition to the antioxidants vitamin E and selenium, it also contains β-carotene, a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and high-quality lecithin. The combination of these components with the right amount of vitamins A and D3 has a double effect in breeding. The pigeons become more instinctual and will all lay eggs at about the same time. In addition, the risk of getting unfertilized eggs is much lower. Widowers have a greater reproductive instinct and achieve a higher level of fitness.

Instructions for use: 1 teaspoon of Ferti-Oil per kg of grain. – To prepare for breeding: administer daily, from 8 days before mating until the second egg is laid. – For widowers: continue to administer for a few days after the end of breeding. Prepare fresh daily.

Analytical components: crude protein <0.3%, crude fat 99.6%, crude ash <0.4%, crude fiber <0.5%, lysine 0 mg / kg, methionine 0 mg / kg, sodium <200 mg / kg, nutritional physiology Additives, vitamin A 500,000 IU / kg, vitamin D3 100,000 IU / kg, vitamin E 2,000 mg / kg

Composition: wheat germ oil 98.77%, corn oil


Manufacturer: Versele-Laga nv; Kapellestraat 70, 9800 Deinze, Belgium
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250 ml

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