Oxilite AIR the gentle dovecote disinfection.


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Oxilite AIR 5000 ml

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Oxilite AIR the gentle dovecote disinfection.

Ecological impact disinfection in pigeon racing.

Oxilite AIR for gentle dovecote disinfection with a large and safe effect against all organic loads, bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores (H7N1) bird flu virus in the dovecote.

Acts against coliforms, salmonella.

Oxilite AIR works safely and quickly, also acts against odors caused by ammonia or urine Environmentally friendly, degrades ecologically again Doves can remain in the loft Can also be used in the bathroom for the pigeons Fewer diseases caused by ambient air

Instructions for use: Oxilite AIR is used neat, max. 1 to 5 mixed with water.

Ingredients: Chlorine approx. 300 mgl / liter ozone

Special hazard warnings: Do not protect children from drinking. Use biocides safely – always read the label and product information before use. If handled properly, there is no danger to people and the environment. Keep container closed and dry.

Manufacturer No.EU standard EN 901
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