Pigeon Vitality AntiFungal 125g


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Pigeon Vitality AntiFungal 125g

Complementary feed for pigeons

Can support the pigeon’s immune system! Anti Fungal is added to drinking water together with improver. Can improve vitality and flight performance.

Many pigeons are infested with fungi, Anti fungal ™ was developed together with Improver ™ to solve the problem of stress-related pigeons infested with fungi.

Instructions for use: Add to the drinking water (0.5 grams per liter, 25 mg per pigeon) of the pigeon 2-3 days a week. To be biologically active, Ph of water should be <5. So it should be given together with improver (content 125 gr. Is enough for 250 liters)

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clear water.

Ingredients: Potassium 2,4-Hexadienoate (Potassium Substate)

Additives: / Content potassium 2,4-hexadienoate (potassium sub-concentrate) 100%

Vitamin and provitamin per kg: phosphorus (P) 0, sodium (Na) 0, calcium 1

Analytical components: dry matter 98.9%, crude ash (decompose) 0, crude fat 0%

Manufacturer No. 37472522
Weight 0,22 kg
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