Pigeon Vitality Clearify liquid 250ml


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Pigeon Vitality Clearify liquid 250ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

Can have a positive effect on respiratory problems and mycoplasma.

Instructions for use:

Clearify liquid: 10 ml / liter of water for 3-4 days – We recommend that Clearify be used on a regular basis: 3 days a week every 2-3 weeks during the travel season.

Ingredients: Liqurice root extract, glycyrrhizic acid extracted from herb

Additives: / Contents licorice root extract 165g, glycyrrhizic acid extracted from herbs /> 2g

Vitamin and provitamin per kg: phosphorus (P) 30 mg, Soduim (Na) 123 mg, calcium 106 mg

Analytical components: Nitrogen-free extract 47.7 mg, crude fiber 37.6 mg, protein 8 mg, ash 5.4 mg, crude fat 0.1 mg

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