Pigeon Vitality Omega-3 Oil 500ml


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Pigeon Vitality Omega-3 Oil 500ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

The best pure arctic marine oils, enriched with the great antioxidant astaxantin. This combination is advantageous for racing pigeons, young birds, breeders in all seasons.

Instructions for use:

The racing pigeons:

Omega-3 oils are good sources of energy as well as for the energy hormones. The result is a great feat of racing birds. Recommended dosage: 5 ml / liter of grain the day after the race ad 2-3 subsequent days before the basketing.

The breeding pigeons:

The essential Omega 3 strengthens the immune defense system. Recommended dosage: When increasing the YBs, 5 ml omega 3 per liter of grain, the best results are achieved when Pigeon Vitalitys Moulting and Bredding Powder are mixed.

The young birds:

After weaning give the young birds omega 3 once or twice a week, 5 ml / liter of cereals, e.g. B. when MultiViTra is given. When training and racing season approach, follow the dosage recommended for the racers

The moulting:

All birds will benefit from omega 3 in moulting daily. Preferably with moulting and breeding powder (daily) and additionally MultiViTra once or twice a week. Dosage: 5 ml / liter of grain.

Instructions for use: 5 ml per kg of feed, give 1-2 times a week.

Ingredients: fresh cold-pressed rapeseed oil 60%, fresh salmon oil 40%

Nutrient content per 100g: energy 3650k, J / 872 kcal, fat 97g where ALA: 13g EPA 6g, DHA 5g, protein 0g, carbohydrates 0g

Vitamin and provitamin per kg: 150,000 LE A-vitamin / kg, 15,000 LE D3 vitamin per kg, 0.28g E-vitamin per kg

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