Pigeon Vitality ProGut 400g


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Pigeon Vitality ProGut 400g

Complementary feed for pigeons

ProGut ™ is a mixture of prebiotics and phytogens, which are said to improve the immune system and the performance of pigeons. Ideal as a feed additive in periods of stress such as after travel, in breeding, in the phase of YB weaning, in moulting and after antibiotic treatments.

  • Stabilize the microflora in the intestine
  • immunostimulant, antibacterial (only the “bad”) and antioxidant
  • The phytogens are beneficial for recreation and racing performance

Instructions for use: 5 g per 1 kg of feed (1 heaped measuring spoon) – mix well. Give until the feces are firm and normal. The feed can be moistened with Pigeon Vitality Omega-3 or similar.

Ingredients: yeast products, gluco-oligosaccaride, chicory pulp, corn

Sensory additives: mixture of flavors 6.25 g / 100g

Analytical components: crude protein 15%, raw pulp <1%, crude ash 2.8, crude fat 8%, sodium 0%

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