Pigeon Vitality Rebuild 100 capsules


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Pigeon Vitality Rebuild 100 capsules

Complementary feed for pigeons

A scientific formula and selection of the best amino acids that have been specifically selected to prevent muscle cell damage. It is ideal for ultra-fast recovery and can increase the development of muscle cell growth in racing pigeons after returning from training, travel & flight.

We as breeders should do everything for the pigeons when they return to the loft to help reduce muscle damage and to ensure that they recover as soon as possible. As a result, the pigeons are ready for their next flight faster and it helps them to strengthen their muscles and they become fitter and stronger!

Instructions for use: Give the pigeons 1 capsule when returning from the race

Ingredients: calcium citrate, magnesium sulfate, branched amino acids (2: 1: 1) hydrolyzed pea protein, hydrolysed salmon protein, L-glutamine, silicon dioxide, soy lecithin, codmilt, Dioscorea villosa, Boswelia Serrata, creatine monohydrate, curcumino linoleic acid, conjugated amino acid, conjugated acid, conjugated acid : Type 1, hard cellulose

Additives: / content calcium citrate 5g, magnesium sulfate 15g, phosphoric acid calcium salt (1: 1)

Vitamin and provitamin per kg: dihydrate 30 g, MCC (microcrystalline cellulose 50 g, silisium diokside (CAB-O-SIL) 30 g

Analytical components: energy 1700 kJ (400 kcal), protein 100g, raw fat <0.1g, carbohydrates <0.1g

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