Pigeon Vitality Tricoli-Stop powder 100g


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Pigeon Vitality Tricoli-Stop powder 100g

Complementary feed for pigeons

Contains only natural and organic substances, minerals and vitamins. It is not a drug, so no resistance or side effects can develop. Tested in one of the world’s leading universities in Geneva.

Instructions for use: Add 1 heaped mesaure level (8 grams) to 1 kg of premixed grain and mix well. Give the Tricoli-Stop to all pigeons

Ingredients: sodium formate (E237), formic acid (E236), honey powder (sweetener), silisium dlokside

Additives: / content sodium formate (E237) 350g, formic acid (E236) 160g, honey powder (sweetener) 240, silisium dlokside 250g

Vitamin and provitamin per kg: phosphorus (P) 7 g, sodium (Na) 12 g, calcium 11 g

Analytical components: dry matter 98.9%, crude ash 14.1, crude fat 1%

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