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Quiko Ardap vermin spray


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Universal preparation for vermin and fly control with immediate and long-term effects up to 6 weeks.

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Quiko Ardap vermin spray

Do you have…

  • ants on the terrace?
  • flying in the house?
  • mosquitoes in the bedroom?
  • wasps in the garden?
  • spiders in the corners?
  • or problems with vermin in general?


With extra immediate effect!

Also effective against black bird mites!

The Quiko vermin spray is a universal product for vermin and fly control with immediate and long-term effects up to 6 weeks. It is a feeding and contact insecticide for use against all types of vermin.

In the case of acute vermin infestation in pigeon sheds, bird cages, animal bays and kennels. For use in all areas of agricultural areas. In every situation, the veterinarian and the consumer have a means at hand that is immediately effective without preparation (preparation of solutions).

The animals do not need to be removed from the blow, cage, stable or kennel. Larger areas and stables are sprayed or sprayed with ARDAP (concentrated solution) in the recommended dilution.

Instructions for use: Places preferred by vermin and flies are sprayed with ARDAP spray from a distance of about 30 cm until their surfaces appear slightly damp.

The killing effect of ARDAP spray on flies occurs immediately after contact with the vermin. The one-off spraying of objects and surfaces enables a lasting effect of up to 6 weeks.

Shake the can well before use. There is no unpleasant smell when using. Ensure adequate ventilation after use. For very sensitive and polished surfaces, first carry out a trial treatment, do not spray to visible moisture and dripping, streaky coating. Light spray coating dries spotless.

Warning: Use insecticides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Active ingredient: permethrin 8.2g, pyrethrine 1.0g, piperonyl butoxide 10g

Manufacturer: Quicko GmbH, Franzstr. 95, 46395 Bocholt
Weight 1 kg

0.75 l

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