Quiko Davinova BT 500g


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Quiko Davinova BT 500g

Complementary feed for pigeons

For the prevention of mineral metabolic disorders and mineral imbalances, rickets, osteomalacia (bone soft), perosis (bone deformation), moulting and mausal disorders, incomplete seizure, feathering damage, stucking of the penis, greyed eggs, soft-shelled eggs, beak flexion, external prosthesis, deresification, deresification, external exhaustion (excretion) , for transports, for gout while simultaneously reducing the protein content of the feed, tentatively for feather feed.

Instructions for use: 1 tablespoon 2 times a week. on 1kg of feed

Composition: dicalcium phosphate, sodium chloride, magnesium oxide, potassium chloride

Additives / kg: nutritional additives: iron 450 mg, iodine 84 mg, copper 96 mg, manganese 160 mg, zinc 25,000 mg, * E1 iron from iron amino acid chelate, hydrate, E2 potassium iodide, E4 copper-CU- (II) -sulfate pentahydrate, E5 manganese Mn (II) sulfate monohydrate, E6 zinc oxide

Analytical components: Clacium 17.3%, phosphorus 12.9%, sodium 7.6%, magnesium 1.2%, potassium 0.3%

Manufacturer: Quicko GmbH, Franzstr. 95, 46395 Bocholt
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