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Re-Scha Fruit mash 160g


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The special biological nutrients of these fruits compensate for an often one-sided diet.

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Re-Scha Fruit mash 160g

Complementary feed for homing pigeons and ornamental birds

Fruit-mash is a globally unique innovation product for the vitality and performance of racing pigeons and ornamental birds. Frucht-mash is one of the highest quality nutritional supplements that are produced for animals worldwide. The preparation is made from valuable fruits – with raw materials according to food standards. The processed fruit powder of the sea buckthorn berry, rose hip, elderberry and numerous forest and tropical fruits contain substances to promote vitality, reproduction and growth.

Fruit-mash offers an expansion of the food spectrum through carefully selected natural fruits (indigenous, southern or tropical origin). The special biological nutrients (including vitamins, bioflavonoids, minerals, and more) of these fruits compensate for an often one-sided diet. Frucht-mash extends the protein and energy potential with the so-called “wood sugar yeast” and a nucleotide-containing special yeast.

Carrier pigeons are “power packs” that react very sensitively to external influences. Problems in the breathing area or “weaknesses” in the immune area (see “Young Pigeon Disease”) are indicators of a disturbed protein and energy metabolism. Micronutrients from nature compensate for often one-sided feeding. Frucht-mash offers appropriate preliminary stages for the formation of numerous adenosine triphosphates (ATPs), especially for the energy balance. These are immensely important with increased energy requirements.

Instructions for use: Fruit-mash can be administered to homing pigeons throughout the year. It is particularly necessary and valuable in periods of high stress (rearing, travel and moulting).

Dosage: The dosage instructions can only be guidelines. The quantitative dosage can be individually adjusted by the owner depending on the fitness level of the pigeon.

Breeding: approx. 2 measuring spoons / kg of grain feed

Travel: (see also “Travel Plan”) approx. 2-4 measuring spoons / kg of grain feed

Moult: approx. 2 measuring spoons / kg of grain feed

The binding of the fruit mash to the grain feed is best done with frutin. In terms of nutrients, tarsin is an ideal addition.

Additional information: 1 measuring spoon, filled, contains 3.0 g fruit mash.

The sea buckthorn berry ingredients are considered the “lemon of the north”. It provides ten times as much vitamin C as the lemon. It is also very rich in vitamins (B vitamins, tocopherol, carotenoids), plant sterols and important fatty acids (such as omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9 fatty acids). The sea buckthorn berry also contains the bioactive substance lycobin, which strengthens the immune system.

Rose hips are one of the most vitamin-rich fruits. Particularly noteworthy is vitamin C, but also beta-carotene, the vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin P (rutin). The rose hip contains the minerals calcium, magnesium and especially potassium in an above-average amount. A very important ingredient are the flavonoids, especially the citrine and rutin. The various sugars in the rosehip are an ideal food source for lactobacilli, as they are available in the re-scha medicines (re-scha lactobacillus preparations).

Elderberry is known in human medicine as a secret weapon against colds and flu infections. The relatively high content of minerals, vitamins and essential (= essential) amino acids is striking. The dark dye (sambucyanine) of elderberry is particularly important. Sambucyanin is an important radical scavenger.

Forest fruits (including blueberries, blackberries, …) contain bioflavonoids in high doses, which contain a lot of folic acid and have a high mineral content (especially magnesium and iron for blood formation). The blueberry dyes (anthocyanins) inhibit the enzyme lipoxygenase, which is active in inflammatory processes.

Tropical fruits (including pineapple, apricot, etc.) are also rich in vital substances. Pineapple enzymes relax the muscles and relieve muscle spasms. Pineapple enzymes also have a positive effect on the digestion of protein and fat.

Wood sugar yeast (yeast cells are biologically inactivated), a previously unknown protein component, is produced by the Kluyveromces Fragilis strain. It is extremely valuable in terms of the amount and versatility of important amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Special yeast with a relatively high content of nucleotides. These tiny building blocks are required for cell division, tissue growth and immune build-up. They are indispensable for the energy and protein metabolism. There is a particularly high demand in phases of intensive cell division (e.g. breeding phase or travel in racing pigeons). Feeding nucleotides through food improves energy efficiency. The body’s resilience is improved.

Composition: fruit powder (mixture of fruits such as sea buckthorn berries, elderberry, rose hip, forest and tropical fruits), whey protein powder, monocalcium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate

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