Re-Scha Frutin 650g


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When hardened, Frutin permanently binds powdered feed to the grain, germ, soft or rearing feed.

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Re-Scha Frutin 650g

Liquid feed supplement for racing pigeons, ornamental birds, terrarium animals, small rodents and ornamental rabbits

Frutin contains various sugars that are of biological origin. Many microorganisms (eg lactobacilli need different substances containing sugar to maintain their metabolism. Lactobacilli can reproduce better in the small intestine under favorable nutritional conditions. Tests have shown that lactobacilli in combination with frutin and sintra or tarsin increase 100 to 1000 times can multiply more in the small intestine.

Frutin has a high carbohydrate content. This provides additional energy in breeding, travel and moulting.

Frutin is enriched with coconut water. Coconut water is known to be able to remove harmful heavy metals from the body. Coconut water also contains many vital minerals (such as calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorus). Coconut water is almost fat-free, but it contains the fatty acids such as lauric acid that are important for the digestive tract.

Frutin contains a mixture of tropical and domestic fruits (pineapple, apple, apricot, blackberry, strawberry, grapefruit, blueberry, raspberry, currant, cherry, papaya, peach, orange). Fruits with their diverse vital substances ensure a varied diet.

Frutin enhances the mineral supply through the addition of highly available calcium.

Due to its high binding capacity (“sticking effect”), Frutin reduces nutrient losses that inevitably arise when feed particles are mixed with oil in the feed and remain in the feed bowl for a long time. The mixing process can be made more flexible. It does not have to be mixed before every feeding. You can mix for several days without having to worry about feed particles falling off the feed.


Instructions for use:

Frutin can be administered all year round. Due to its good water solubility, Frutin can also be administered via the drinking trough. For birds, this method of administration makes sense in breeding or after exhibitions and for racing pigeons when traveling on the day of the flight.

Frutin is the ideal binder for re-scha lactobacilli. Lactobacilli, bound to the grain feed with frutin, remain viable for 3 days (even at room temperature).

The mixing process with Frutin can be designed as follows: Weigh the amount of feed that is required for several days, add the corresponding amount of Frutin, and stir the feed until each feed particle is wetted with Frutin. Only now is the powdered feed (e.g. Sintra, Tarsin) to be added added with stirring. The finished mixture can either be fed directly fresh or left to dry at room temperature for 1 day.

The following should be noted if re-scha lactobacilli are to be bound to the feed: in order to achieve an even distribution on the feed, Frutin and the lactobacilli should first be mixed together in a beaker. If the resulting “porridge” is too viscous to stir in, it can be brought to a somewhat more fluid consistency by adding a few drops of water (Panta-20 or Amin-o-drop is also possible). This porridge is stirred onto the feed and only then is the powdered feed (e.g. Sintra, Tarsin) added while stirring.

Dosage: Grain or germ feed: 8-10 ml frutin / kg feed

– Soft or rearing feed: 20-30 ml frutin / kg feed

– In the drinking trough: approx. 20 ml Frutin / l drinking water

– The content of a tablespoon corresponds to 8-10 ml frutin.


Composition: sugar, chicory powder, fruit powder (from pineapple, apricot, strawberry, grapefruit, blueberry, currant, papaya, peach), water, coconut water and calcium gluconate, moisture 30%

Important: After opening, the bottle must be stored in the refrigerator and used up within six months.


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