Re-Scha Immun-o-flash 90g


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Due to its special composition, it can have a positive influence on the strengthening of the immune system.

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Re-Scha Immun-o-flash 90g

Supplementary feed for carrier pigeons, ornamental birds, terrarium animals, small rodents and ornamental rabbits

Immun-o-flash® is protected as a brand across Europe. Due to its special composition, it can have a positive influence on the strengthening of the immune system.

Immunity is not visible. However, the immune system is extremely important for the body. It protects it from influences from the living environment. It registers threats from harmful microorganisms and viruses. It is important to do everything possible to support the functionality of the immune system.

As is now generally known, the immune system cannot be driven at the highest level all the time. It needs a build-up and a rest phase. Permanent stimuli permanently “dull” the immune system, with the result that it no longer functions properly. This can lead to an increased willingness to be infected for virus-related diseases.

The following virus types play a major role in the pet sector:

APV virus (avian polyoma virus) causes a high nestling mortality especially in small parakeets.

PBFD virus (Circo virus) is known for feather and beak diseases. In homing pigeons, circoviruses are associated with the so-called “young pigeon disease”.

PDD virus (Borna virus) is responsible for the usually fatal glandular dilatation in parrots.

Instructions for use:

Immun-o-flash is a dietary supplement and not a medicine. It can only be complementary to the metabolism. In problem stocks, the biological medicinal product PT-12 (active ingredient: lactobacillus salivarius) should be administered for at least 10 days in order to stabilize the animals’ health. The Immun-o-flash can then be used as described below.

Use on target species

Carrier pigeons: Strengthening the immune system of the parent animals can have a positive effect on their offspring. Therefore, the parent animals should be given immun-o-flash first. The administration of Immun-o-flash has proven itself before the mating season:

Immun-o-flash is administered over a period of about 3 weeks before the start of breeding. After an interruption of about 3 weeks, Immun-o-flash is given again over a period of about 7 days. It is optimal if this dose falls during the egg-laying period.

Young animals: Newly hatched young animals are fed on the feed of the parent animals with Immun-o-flash over a period of approx. 7-10 days provided. Of course, Immun-o-flash can also be added to young pigeons from the second or third brood. Deposed young pigeons receive Immun-o-flash at irregular intervals (6-10 weeks) over a period of 7-10 days each.

Racing pigeons (old and young pigeons): receive immuno-flash about 6 weeks before the start of the trip for a period of about 3 weeks It follows a three-week break. With the start of the pre-flights, Immun-o-flash is re-administered over a period of 7-10 days. At the start of the actual travel season, the addition of Immun-o-flash should be completed. Administration of Immun-o-flash is not required during the current travel season. After the end of the trip, the use of Immun-o-flash over a period of about 14 days is recommended as a start for a good moulting process. In the resting phase of the racing pigeons (autumn and winter), Immun-o-flash can be used at irregular intervals (approx. 2-3 months) over a period of about 7 days each.

Instructions for use: The recommended dosage is approx. 8-10 g per kg of feed. No negative effects of overdose (even over a longer period) on animal health are known to date. 1 level filled measuring spoon contains 3 g Immun-o-flash. That means: 3 measuring spoons / kg of feed correspond to the recommended dosage.

The best way to bind the Immun-o-flash to the feed is with the help of re-schas Frutin. Detailed mixing instructions can be found in the Frutin Instructions for Use.

Ingredients: yeast extracted, seaweed flour, yeast, taiga root powder, algae flour rich in omega-3 fatty acid, green tea

Additives per 1000g: 300,000mcg Biotin 1000mg Vit. C

Manufacturer no .: DE NI 400036
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