Re-Scha Poly-min 2300g


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Poly-min contains minerals that pigeons need for their metabolism every day

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Re-Scha Poly-min 2300g

Supplementary feed for racing pigeons

Poly-min contains minerals that pigeons need for their metabolism every day. The poly-min is particularly rich in finely ground fossil oyster shells. These are known to dissolve calcium with a delay, unlike ground limestone. This has the advantage that the pigeon receives an even calcium supply. Tests have shown that fossil oyster shells, as a delayedly soluble Ca source, have a positive impact on animal health, well-being and performance assurance.

A further enrichment in the Poly-min is the algae lime. Above all, the trace elements, which are richly contained and biologically readily available, should be mentioned here.

Calcium-gluconate, a high-quality source of calcium, is also added to the poly-min.

Poly-min contains betaine as a specialty. It is a natural product from the sugar beet. Betaine is a methyl group supplier and energy booster at the same time. Betaine develops osmoregulatory effects in the intestine and at the same time stabilizes it. Betaine is also known to support coccidia prophylaxis.

Poly-min has been proven to prevent rickets and eggshell malformations.

Instructions for use: 100 mg (e.g. budgerigar) sprinkle 500 mg (pigeon) per animal per day over the feed or offer in the snack bowl. 1 level filled measuring spoon (= 5g poly-min) for 10 pigeons per day.

Due to the higher levels of vitamin A, vitamin D3 and trace elements in racing pigeons, this mineral feed may only be fed up to 10% of the daily ration.

Composition: oyster shells, algae lime, calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, calcium sodium phosphate, calcium ciuconate, calcium magnesium carbonate, sodium chloride

Ingredients: calcium: 32.0%, phosphorus: 4.00%, sodium: 1.00%, magnesium: 0.80%, additives per 1000 g: vitamin A: 100,000 I.U. Vitamin D3: 10,000 IU Vitamin B1: 25 mg Vitamin B6: 100 mg Vitamin B12: 660 mcg nicotinic acid: 530 mg folic acid: 30 mg biotin: 4,000 mcg betaine: 4,000 mg zinc: 600 mg manganese: 500 mg copper: 75 mg iodine: 6 mg cobalt: 2, 5 mg


Manufacturer: re-scha Urlich Schäfer, Nepomukstr. 11, 33142 Buren
Weight 2,5 kg
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